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Your Weekly Tech Update with Ray McNeal is your one stop shop for everything geek!


From the latest with Google, Facebook, Tesla, Darpa, VR, gaming & everything in between, Ray scours the interwebs to bring you the newest, coolest & craziest stories & serves them to you on a nice little half hour platter. 


Tune in for new episodes every week!


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Ray McNeal started his broadcasting career in Wenatchee, WA USA & has always been addicted to gaming, Sci-fi & all things tech. 


Over the last 15 years Ray has hosted News and entertainment shows on radio and television while also having a career as a radio & TV engineer before moving with his family to Australia & becoming a business owner on Phillip Island, just 55 minutes away from Victoria's tech capital, Melbourne. 


Ray has been highlighting & reviewing new technologies on TV & radio his entire career & is now so excited to be the host of Your Weekly Tech Update. 

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